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concluded after six years of intense work

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Gurupournima Day

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Anurakti Kavya : when a BuddhiYukta surrenders to the heart…

(8 parts – 1627 pages – 540000+ words)

You may have the privilege to get an access to Mahadevi’s new book :

By participating in a meditation and transformation Vedic therapy group by Mahadevi

Vedic life is simple, playful, peaceful and well-balanced. With gratitude from the heart it makes man caring, humble, sensitive and responsible.

It is living in Dharma, the laws of Nature, in total harmony with Existence. A Dharmic man is mature and light-hearted, but not serious. So this group is only for those, who want to let go and live with child-like innocence in Dharma.

for group and eligibility info click on the link below:

Mahadevi’s new book – Vedic group info -for blog

contact :

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New Book Release

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OM Vedic Village

We are starting OM Vedic Village in Southwest Algarve, Portugal, where participants can live an authentic Vedic lifestyle. Based on the wisdom of Vedas and Ayurveda, they can have a balanced life with meditation and creativity – and explore their own spiritual potential in the energy field of Mahadevi.

Vedic sages emphasized that a healthy body and a peaceful mind lead naturally towards a spiritual growth!

To support our overall health it is important to reduce our dependency on badly manipulated food. So we will also produce healthy food, dairy and a large variety of ayurvedic herbs on our organic farms, using ancient methods.

Participation in this project is by invitation only. If you like to join in, please email the detail infos about yourself, your financial situation and the contribution you would like to do, together with a video clip explaining why you would like to join our community.

The applicants will be contacted and depending on their info called in for a meeting. The participants will be chosen by Mahadevi personally.

All participants will have to contribute financially and by work to maintain the life and place properly.

As it is important for all participants’ spiritual growth and well being to be open at least in front of Mahadevi, it is not possible to join this group without giving proper infos about oneself.

And also as it has happened in the past, Mahadevi does not want to accept random donations offered by somebody unknown, howsoever well meant it may be. If you love Mahadevi and wish to connect to her or want to join this project, open your heart and don’t hold back about yourself.

Love from the omic team

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Emails and Meetings

Dear readers,

In the past years Mahadevi has been widely available for meditators, in person as well as through emails. Despite her frail health and being busy with her projects, she immensely supported everybody seeking for her help, regardless of people’s age, social or mental situation. It has been very hard on her body to deal with all the chaotic energies of people, but she always remained loving and supporting towards everybody.

One can only be grateful for her presence and the extraordinary support she gave to countless people!

Now, Mahadevi will not be available to read emails addressed to her, as she has decided to work exclusively on her projects.


However, people, who want to contribute financially to Mahadevi’s work may send us emails ref. “for Mahadevi”. Please keep them short, with a brief introduction of yourself and what you want to offer.

General emails will not be forwarded to Mahadevi.

Also note: Meetings with Mahadevi are not possible at the moment, except for her project related work.

Thank you for your understanding!


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Thanks for all your emails and concerns. It is always a joy to read your messages and receive so much love!

We have been busy working on a project, so we did not update the blog for a while.

Your emails addressed to Mahadevi are always passed on to her and her response is relayed after she read them. From our experience, everyone receives Mahadevi’s answers at the right time. So please be patient if it takes a little time to get Mahadevi’s reply.

Another good news for friends in Germany: Our chirpy, sweet Nalini from OMIC Fremantle is back. She also receives a lot of messages for Mahadevi, which she regularly forwards to her. So there is no problem if you send your messages to Nalini.

Love to you all — OMIC team.


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