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Emails and Meetings

Dear readers,

In the past years Mahadevi has been widely available for meditators, in person as well as through emails. Despite her frail health and being busy with her projects, she immensely supported everybody seeking for her help, regardless of people’s age, social or mental situation. It has been very hard on her body to deal with all the chaotic energies of people, but she always remained loving and supporting towards everybody.

One can only be grateful for her presence and the extraordinary support she gave to countless people!

Now, Mahadevi will not be available to read emails addressed to her, as she has decided to work exclusively on her projects.


However, people, who want to contribute financially to Mahadevi’s work may send us emails ref. “for Mahadevi”. Please keep them short, with a brief introduction of yourself and what you want to offer.

General emails will not be forwarded to Mahadevi.

Also note: Meetings with Mahadevi are not possible at the moment, except for her project related work.

Thank you for your understanding!


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