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concluded after six years of intense work

and Releasing on:

Gurupournima Day

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Anurakti Kavya : when a BuddhiYukta surrenders to the heart…

(8 parts – 1627 pages – 540000+ words)

You may have the privilege to get an access to Mahadevi’s new book :

By participating in a meditation and transformation Vedic therapy group by Mahadevi

Vedic life is simple, playful, peaceful and well-balanced. With gratitude from the heart it makes man caring, humble, sensitive and responsible.

It is living in Dharma, the laws of Nature, in total harmony with Existence. A Dharmic man is mature and light-hearted, but not serious. So this group is only for those, who want to let go and live with child-like innocence in Dharma.

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Mahadevi’s new book – Vedic group info -for blog

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