From Fear to Enlightenment

From Fear to Enlightenment:
An inspiration to develop the art of meditative living

Paperback, 212 pages
ISBN-13: 9789299003909
ISBN-10: 9299003904
Publishers: Mahadevima Foundation
& Jaico Publishing, India, 2006

The book is available through OshoHereandNow in the US, Ariane in Europe and the Information Centre in Australia.

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"The book is a healer !"
-- Irrfan Khan, Actor (India)

"I just finished reading a fascinating book, From Fear to Enlightenment, by Mahadevi... It's a beautiful and inspiring book..."
-- Dhanyam, Editor, Viha Connection Magazine, Jan/Feb ’07 issue (USA)

"In years of spiritual interest for the first time I came to know what enlightenment is and why I should strive for it many thanks to beloved Mahadevi."
-- Ken Herald, Photographer (USA)

"I have read Mahadevi’s enlightenment experience, and must say it has been very moving. She is so direct and clear, telling it like it is. Reading that account gave me goosebumps! I cannot thank her enough for this beautiful book."
-- S. Chopra, Writer & Author (India)

"I have never seen anybody like Mahadevi, so graceful, beautiful, peaceful, serene, simple, and
everything that is Love."
-- Julia Neumann (Germany)

"Reading Beloved Mahadevi was an ever memorable gift for me, at every point — whether it appeared loving or harsh — in the core of my heart I identified myself with it. When I finished the last page of the book, it felt as if an Angel had touched me and turned me into a new human being. Now my present and "future" has a new dimension."
-- Alhad Bhonsle, Student (India)

"Where your imagination ends, Mahadevi begins!"
-- Dr. Nimit Wadia (USA)

"... I have been intrigued and in particular touched by how IT all happened... What happened to Mahadevi is a blessing to all of us here on the planet as well and I might say, encouraging !"
-- Bhagawati Morris, Columnist (Bali)

"Mahadevi’s bold, fearless and uncompromising approach to truth may be shocking sometimes; nevertheless it hits us at the deepest part of our being... Now I am learning to respond’ to my fear instead of reacting’ to it, especially my fear of flying has eased through Mahadevi’s unique in-flight meditation."
-- Karl-Heinz Vetter, Architect (Germany)

"Mahadevi's From Fear to Enlightenment is a rare diamond in spiritual literature for the birth of the new Millennium. Dhyana - Witnessing, as she says "Meditation is not a name for a structured method - it is synonymous with being in the present moment and the only way to discover inner bliss". Her Zen clarity delivers the goods on chakras, reincarnation and all the rest of esoterica, with a refined edge. Thank you Mahadevi."
-- Satyam Tarpan (Australia)

"The moment I met Mahadevi, something in me stopped, my mind became quiet and I felt at home. There was so much light... Now I have nowhere to go!"
-- Dr. Mario Jaiino (Italy)

"I must consent, Mahadevi is certainly alluring, bewitching, enticing, addictive! The more I get in tune with her words, the more I enjoy Her way... Down to earth, in a way both minimalistic and gentle, She brings home the message about the nature of the calamity in question. There is a unique flavor to her encounter of the questioner..."
-- Reinhard Stock, Psychiatrist (Germany)

"It's very, very, very inspiring, more than that, and it brought me more into meditation again. It also has to do with love, simplicity and courage."
-- Asanga (Australia)

"Meditation will be one of the most important concepts of the 21st century. It opens our eyes to what happens if we are identified with our mind. Up to now the ruling of the mind has exploited our globe. It is meditation that will save our habitat and makes us whole inside and out. We will be responsible and loving with ourselves and everything around us... the result is a relaxed and aware existence. Enlightenment - that which happened to Mahadevi - is the climax of a meditative life, the destination, if we know it or not ! This book is encouraging to put one's own realisation a bit higher on the priority list and makes clear that we are all starting from the same point in life. Even if in the path of awareness enlightenment is not the immediate result - the journey is really worth it and wonderful !"
-- Matwala (Germany)

"This book is an amazing, wonderful surprise ! So clear and so easy to read. It made me feel like falling so deep, right into myself -- where I haven't been for a long time. I know this feeling being with Osho. There is only one word to describe it -- LOVE"
-- Prem Nalini (Australia)


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